6 Tropical Flower Arrangements for the Perfect Gift

September 18, 2017

tropical flower arrangements

Summer might be winding down, but you can keep the bright and cheerful spirit alive with tropical flower arrangements! The best part is that this vibrant array of flowers makes for a perfect gift for an assortment of occasions. Here’s what you need to know about gifting these arrangements.

Why Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers make great gifts for all sorts of joyous occasions! Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, engagement, new baby or birthday, brighten up someone’s day with a tropical flower bouquet.

But what makes these flowers so special?

With bold colors (like bougainvillea and anthurium) and intricate blossoms (such as birds of paradise and orchids), tropical flowers have the power to brighten any room. Here’s what you need to know about these mesmerizing flowers.

Common Tropical Flowers

Calla Lily

While there are multiple meanings behind the origin of the calla lily, the name comes from the Greek word “calla,” meaning “beautiful.” The most common meaning of this lily is pureness and faithfulness, and is commonly associated with the Virgin Mary. Additionally, these lilies symbolize resurrection since they bloom around Easter time. There are also various meanings between different color calla lilies.

Bird of Paradise

This intricate flower is, unsurprisingly, named after the tropical birds it resembles. With shades of green, orange, purple, yellow and pink, this distinct flower represents joyfulness and happiness, and makes a statement in any arrangement.

Red Ginger

While most people are familiar with ginger for its medicinal and culinary purposes, there is another category of ginger plants that grow bold, beautiful flowers. With tall, bright pink bracts, red ginger flowers are a common addition to any tropical flower arrangement.

King Protea

With a large and distinct flower head, the king protea is a stunning addition to any arrangement. As the national flower of South Africa, this crown-like bud has between 1,400 and 1,600 varieties, which lends to its meaning of change and transformation.


With a bright red heart-shaped flower, anthurium is a classic tropical flower. It is symbolic of warmth and hospitality and can adapt to a wide range of environments.


There are plenty of beliefs behind the meaning of orchids, but no matter the origin, orchids have long been celebrated for their beauty and fragility. Available in a variety of colors, these unique plants are associated with love, fertility, and elegance.


Types of Tropical Flower Arrangements

At Amore Fiori, we have a large selection of unique and wonderful tropical flower arrangements. Here are some of our favorites that highlight beautiful tropical flowers:

Tropical Beauty

tropical flower arrangements

Pacific Paradise

tropical flower arrangements

Touch of Tropics

tropical flower arrangements

Island Breeze

tropical flower arrangements

Tropical Bright

tropical flower arrangements

Tropical Bliss

tropical flower arrangements

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