Sunflower Care for a Freshly-Cut Bouquet

August 15, 2017

sunflower care


Sunflowers are one of the most recognizable flowers with their large yellow petals (aptly named “rays”), and have the ability to bring a smile to almost anyone’s face. Great for almost every occasion, giving someone the gift of a sunflower bouquet will help brighten their day, but freshly-cut sunflowers require love and attention to keep their rays healthy for as long as possible. Here is what you need to know about sunflower care.

Cut Flower Care

There’s nothing worse than having your beautiful floral arrangement die within the first few days of receiving it; however, it’s no secret that keeping fresh cut flowers alive can be tricky.

There are tons of unusual tips and tricks out there that claim to help keep your flowers alive for longer, but not all of these methods work for every type of flower or arrangement. Fortunately, when it comes to sunflower care, it’s best to stick to the basics to help keep your arrangement alive longer.  

Fresh Cut Sunflower Care

Big, bright and bold, sunflowers are known for loyalty, adoration and longevity, making them the perfect gift for any celebratory occasion. Whether you’re sending a sunflower bouquet to celebrate a loved one or if you simply want to brighten up your home, here are the steps to ensuring your vibrant sunflowers will live as long as possible.

1) Buy from a reputable florist

The life of your sunflowers greatly depend on how they were cut and stored before you purchased the flowers, which is why it’s critical to buy your arrangement from a trusted florist. A reputable florist knows the correct methods of care for each specific flower and will ensure that you are given the best sunflowers possible.

When searching for the right bouquet, look for the following:

  • Are the stems cut at an angle?
  • Have they been receiving enough water? (Sunflowers require more watering than most flowers)
  • Were they cut in the morning? (Despite their name, the sun can dry out the flowers, so it’s best to cut them early in the morning while the dew is still fresh.)


2) Change water daily

While you can get away with changing most cut flowers’ water every couple of days, sunflower care requires a bit more attention. Giving your floral arrangement fresh water (tap water between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit) on a daily basis will ensure your sunflowers stay happier longer.

3) Don’t forget to feed

There are a ton of different options for fresh-cut flowers, and a reputable florist will most likely provide you with some. For optimum freshness, give your sunflowers more food every time you change the water.

Additionally, there are also a plethora of homemade options, but it’s best to stick with the food your florist gives you.


4) Store in the fridge

According to FTD, the best way to keep your cut flowers healthy is to store them in the refrigerator at night. Considering floral shops have plenty of refrigerators, it’s best to take a page out of the professional’s book and copy their method.

The next time you celebrate an occasion with sunflowers, use these tips to help keep these classic flowers alive as long as possible!

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