Rose Symbolism: Everything You Need to Know

October 17, 2017


Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and species. In fact, many of the same flower species come in more than one color. For example, there are several different colors of roses, with the most common ones being red, white and yellow. Each rose variety also has their own rose symbolism.

The first cultivated roses appeared more than 5,000 years ago in Asia, and the flower was quickly introduced to Europe during the Roman Empire. Throughout history, roses have come to symbolize several things. To help you send the perfect gift, here is everything you need to know about rose symbolism.

Rose Symbolism Throughout History

Roses are often considered a romantic flower and are associated with love and passion. However, they have carried several different meanings throughout history. In addition to love and Valentine’s Day, roses are also known for representing secrecy and confidentiality.

In Ancient Rome and during the Middle ages, roses were hung from the ceilings of dining halls. It was then understood among guests that they were all sworn to secrecy, and anything said during the gathering or under the influence of wine was to be kept confidential.

Roses are also considered England’s national flower. Between 1455-1487, two families–the Lancasters and Yorks–fought for control of England during the War of Roses. During the war, the Lancaster family was symbolized by a red rose, and the York family was symbolized by a white rose.

Using Color to Send the Right Message

With more than 150 species and thousands of hybrids of roses, the color options are almost limitless. Each color of roses has its own rose symbolism, and choosing the right color can help emphasize your message when giving roses to a loved one.

To help you craft the right message, here are the meanings of the most common rose varieties:

  • Red: love and romance
  • Pink: admiration, happiness, grace
  • Yellow: happiness, joy, friendship
  • White: purity, charm, new beginnings in weddings
  • Orange: excitement, desire, passionate romance
  • Lavender: “I Love You,” love at first sight
  • Peach: appreciation, gratitude, saying thanks
  • Cream: charm and thoughtfulness
  • Green: life, growth, energy

Choosing the Right Roses for a Gift

Roses are a great flower to gift not just on Valentine’s Day, but any day of the year because they pair well with other flowers and are beautiful on their own. At Amore Fiori, we offer a wide variety of rose arrangements to send to your loved ones.

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