How to Pick the Perfect Prom Flowers

May 1, 2017

Prom is right around the corner, so you will certainly want to be adorned with beautiful prom flowers!

prom flowers

This is such an exciting time within your high school life, at least it was for us! Our days of prom might be over, but we still get the opportunity to adorn you with gorgeous prom flowers!

You will get to dance with your date, enjoy some laughter at the punch bowl, and even dress up in a gorgeous gown. However, you won’t want to forget those corsages and boutonnieres!

When it comes to choosing your prom flowers, you may be wondering how to choose the best ones for your special night. Luckily, here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we adore prom, and the flowers that create it. We have plenty of inspiration and stunning floral options to complete your ensemble for prom! Just take a look to discover the beauty for yourself:

prom flowers

  • What flowers could you possibly need for prom? Traditionally, a couple going to prom will need a corsage and boutonniere. The ladies will sport their beautiful corsage around their wrist, while the gentlemen will adorn their lapel with a boutonniere. Keep in mind, it’s important that the corsage and boutonniere match for a cohesive look. Don’t worry though, we can assist you in perfectly matching your prom flowers to your ensembles!
    • Rose Bloom Corsage. If you are looking to complement your lavender dress with a soft styled corsage, then you must take a look at our Rose Bloom Corsage. With lavender spray roses, lush greens, and sparkling amethyst rhinestones, you can make a dazzling appearance for your prom. We love the little details that comprise this lovely bunch of flowers!

prom flowers

  • What kinds of blooms would work for prom? Of course, you have a variety of choices for your prom flowers, the most popular being carnations, roses, and spray roses. However, if you would prefer a bolder choice, you most certainly have options! Blooms such as succulents, orchids, and lilies can help you stand out from the crowd. Just let us know what your favorite flowers are so that we can incorporate them into your arrangements.
    • First Blush Corsage. If you want to make a bold statement of sophistication within your prom flowers, you can certainly do so with our First Blush Corsage. Showcasing mini pink calla lilies and purple dendrobium orchids, this arrangement will certainly make a lovely addition to your prom night. After all, you deserve to stand out with stunning flowers!

prom flowers

  • How do you know what flowers to choose? If you are still having issues choosing the perfect prom flowers, we would certainly love to help you. By bringing in your dress, or a swatch of fabric, we can work with you to choose the perfect flowers for your prom. If you want to make your night absolutely romantic, you will certainly want to choose the perfect flowers, and we can help you do just that.
    • Purple Dusk Corsage. For a romantic feel to your prom night, we have a corsage that will help you set the tone. Our Purple Dusk Corsage is comprised of pink ranunculus, purple double lisianthus, purple mokara orchids, purple hydrangea, delphinium, and ivy vines. This corsage is an absolutely romantic collection of blooms, perfect for creating a dreamy prom night. How could you not love it?

Your prom night is a huge milestone within your senior year, and planning every detail with care will help make it a memorable event. Our Denver, Colorado florist, Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, is thrilled to assist you in planning your prom flowers. If you are ready to create yours, please feel free to contact us today.

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