The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Flowers

December 11, 2017

holiday flowers

The holidays are officially upon us, which means family, friends, food, festivities and our favorite—flowers! Here’s what you need to know about shopping for holiday flowers. 

Christmas Holiday Flowers

In the month of December (and oftentimes even before), we are inundated with bright reds and rich greens to welcome the widely-celebrated holiday of Christmas. If you’re looking to display some festivity, here are the flowers to look for:


The most popular holiday flower is, in fact, a plant. Nevertheless, poinsettias can add cheer to any room with their bright red and green leaves.


Tall and triumphant, an amaryllis is made to stand out. The red variety is most common during the holiday and is the perfect addition to any Christmas display.

Ilex Berries

Rooted in Christian tradition, the ivy is said to represent the thorns Christ worn during crucifixion and the red ilex berries to symbolize his blood. Today, we display these in remembrance of the religious roots of this holiday.

Our favorite Christmas arrangements:

holiday flowers holiday flowers holiday flowers

Hanukkah Holiday Flowers

December is not just home to Christmas. For those of the Jewish heritage and/or faith, December is filled with mostly blue and white to celebrate the 8-day festivity of Hanukkah. When looking for the perfect Hanukkah holiday flowers, here’s what to consider:


The most associated flower is Hanukkah is the lily. Whether it’s an Asiatic, Peruvian or another type of lily, this classic flower will add joy to any Hanukkah decor.


These large and whimsical flowers can brighten up any room, especially when they’re bright blue, like in our “Peace and Light” bouquet.


Most often of the white variety in this holiday bouquet, these roses symbolize purity and innocence and bring a beautiful balance to the large and colorful hydrangea.

Our favorite Hanukkah arrangement:

Kwanzaa Holiday Flowers

Finally, the African holiday of Kwanzaa is also celebrated in December. With green, red and black being the main colors of the holiday, Kwanzaa bouquets use a variety of bright, tropical flowers to celebrate the occasion, including:


Indigenous to South Africa, Leucadendron is a tall, bright red flower that will draw the attention of anyone in the room.


Another tropical flower, this heart-shaped beauty adds elegance and sophistication to any arrangement.

Cymbidium Orchid

Also known as a “boat orchid,” this specific flower represents exoticism, beauty and strength. For Kwanzaa arrangements, the green variety is most common.

Our favorite Kwanzaa arrangements:

holiday flowers holiday flowers holiday flowers

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating this December, Amore Fiori has holiday flowers that will brighten your loved one’s day!

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