Administrative Professionals Day: The Best Flowers to Give Your Admin

April 24, 2017

Administrative Professionals Day is such a wonderful holiday.

Administrative Professionals Day

Could you imagine your life without your administrative professionals? You would have to sort through every message, plan every meeting, and pick up all the extra work that your staff does for you on a daily basis. They certainly lead a rich and busy work life.

Every day, administrative professionals work so hard, ensuring that your business runs smoothly. We certainly couldn’t be more appreciative of our receptionists, especially on Administrative Professionals Day.

We appreciate every administrative professional here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, that work so hard to contribute and help our team succeed. We plan on showing our administrative professionals our appreciation this Administrative Professionals Day, do you? If you want to present your hard-working receptionists with the perfect gift this April 26th, we have some great options for you!

Administrative Professionals Day

  • Orchids. Orchids have been said to symbolize thoughtfulness and charm, which your administrative professional certainly possesses. You can acknowledge these admirable traits within your co-worker by presenting them with a gorgeous display of orchids.
    • Our White Phalaenopsis Orchid is such a gorgeous choice! A stunning white single stem Phalaenopsis Orchid plant will showcase its gorgeous exotic blooms. It is also presented in a deep round woven handled basket to create a look of natural elegance. We love this blooming orchid, and know that your administrative professional will too!

Administrative Professionals Day

  • Gift baskets. If your staff suffers from allergies to plants and flowers, or just doesn’t have the desire to care for a one, you still have options! If you want to make a classy impression and show your utmost gratitude, we have many gourmet baskets filled with fresh fruit, crackers, and even chocolates. However, if there is an appreciation for the foods that fit into the munchies category, we also have you covered!
    • This holiday, you can surprise your administrative professionals with our
    • Big Munch Basket, which offers a tasty collection of chocolates, cookies, pretzels, chips, and salsa. We can barely keep our hands off this basket, so you can guarantee they won’t be able to either! After all, everyone loves sweet and salty treats.

Administrative Professionals Day

  • Plants. Reminding your admin that they are a constant joy in your work life can be communicated through the perfect plant. If they have a caring, nurturing demeanor, you can give them the gift that will keep giving, a luxurious plant. We personally love plants because they are so easy to care for! After all, your professionals spend a whole day at work, and should come home and be able to enjoy their easy to maintain plant.
    • A gorgeous option is our Peaceful Zen Garden. Full of stunning succulents, it’s super-low-maintenance. It’s awesome for an office and in perfect harmony at home. A total of six succulent plants are arranged with river cane and river rocks in a large brown wood container…who couldn’t love it?!

It can warm the heart and offer encouragement to recognize the hard work that your secretaries put in every single day. Here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we plan on showing our own administrative professionals just how much we appreciate them this April 26th, and we hope that you choose to do the same. If you want to honor the hard work that your co-workers put in, feel free to contact our Denver florist today to discover the perfect gift.

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